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"Rescue Boxers are Adoptable Love"
<http://www.goboxerrescue.com/upcoming_events.htm>City Wide Garage
Sale, 8 Oct 2011,
West Carrrollton<http://www.goboxerrescue.com/upcoming_events.htm>, OH

Rachel Osborn <mailto:boxers@ameritech.net>boxers@ameritech.net
Director, <http://www.goboxerrescue.com/>GO Boxer Rescue, Inc. (GOBR)
GO = Greater Ohio, new name matches URL
<http://www.boxerrescuefoundation.com/>Boxer Rescue Foundation
Owner/Admin Boxer Rescue List
Phone: 937-277-4652
P.O. Box 621, Dayton, OH 45405
Willie B, Guide Dog for blind/visually impaired, DOB: 4 Dec
'05, n/m/w Boxer http://cinnamonboxers.net/willieb.html
Bogie, 22 Dec 08, m/w Boxer
Tanker (forever in our hearts), Guide Dog for blind/visually
impaired, CGC, Delta, TDI, n/m/w Boxer
21 April '99 - 22 May '06 (Rainbow Bridge by Lymphoma - WAY, WAY TOO YOUNG!)
Toni, 7 March '01 - 3 Nay '09

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