Re: introduction and questions

I so agree with this view. She hit it all right on the money! Good advice all the way around.
These dogs are smart and can learn easy....if you make them do it as they are experts at acting like they didn't hear that..
I have 3 and they all go on the command "go potty".

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[boxer lovers] Boxer dogs

A friend sent this to me.

Hi, Mary!
This was an article on AT&T news this morning. I thought it was interesting because it involved boxer dogs. Have a great day!!


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RE: Re: introduction and questions

This is all very helpful info. Thank you very much.

That’s cute that you use the bathroom together! J

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Welcome to the group. I'm in no way as expert as some here, but I do have some experiences that may help you.

Rescued dogs know how bad life can be, and are more appreciative than dogs have lived in the lap of luxury all their lives. Dachsies know inside they are royalty, and with little encouragement they will take their assumed rightful place as a prince or princess. Don't push the weight gain too hard, it's a dachshund's natural tendency to enjoy food, and all the food they can get. It's more of a problem to keep the weight off, which is necessary for back health.

Think of your dachsie as a suspension bridge with supports too far apart. The back will sag, and extra weight pulls it down more. This is how problems start. When they have a hard landing, it puts extra thrust downward on their vertebrae. I don't think anybody has total success stopping jumping because they enjoy the sense of flying. It is your job to minimize the hard landings. My current little girl likes to perch on the top of the back of the sofa, then, while barking, jump off to the concrete floor. This was solved by putting a table behind the sofa, totally messes up her flying area, makes it not graceful therefore not fun in her eyes.

Dachsies are as different in preferences as people are. I've had one that would swim and chase fish. I've had one that would only go in the water if the people were swimming, and she'd pace back and forth and bark until she was placed on her float, like Cleopatra on her barge! The one I have right now, if you're stupid enough to willingly get wet, that's your problem, not hers. Once she decides what she likes, your little one will tell you what she wants, and will continually tell you until you get it what she considers right. As long as she doesn't panic, she will be a natural swimmer. As long as she's allowed to take it at her own speed or she feels human support, she won't panic.

Dachsies are smart and manipulative. You will probably want to gradually adjust her thinking to praise instead of treats. They will start doing a trick and come over and demand payment. If this payment has calories, you start toward the weight problems.

Others are better to address house training. My little girl is good at outside and loves the doggie door, but if I'm sitting in the bathroom, in her mind, that makes the bathmat fair game. I can't say anything to her about it, after all, I'm doing the same thing in her eyes, and she's making it something we can do together. Admirable, just a little off target.

Sondra and Sophia in SC

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> Hello,
> I'm new to this list. I have a little miniature female named Penny.

> Susan and Penny

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Fw: [Abcdoxie] Fw: [Dachshund-Lovers] Dingo Brand WARNING!!

Hope you find this information helpful.

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This came through from another group. We must all read the labels on everything that we give to our beloved pets. To many toys, rawhides, chewies say that they are either manufactured outside of the USA, or they just that they are distributed in the USA...which does not define where it was manufactured. So please, be careful!
From Maria Curreri-Rothen:
I want to share with all of you a personal loss I just suffered and warn you to please be careful with the products you purchase for your pets. Two Saturdays ago I purchased a bag of DINGO MINI DENTAL TREATS for my dogs. I had 3 little ones and 3 big ones ranging from a 10lbs, 13 yr., Yorkie to a 100lbs, 6yr. Mastiff. To make a long story short, on Wednesday I gave a treat to each of my dogs, something I rarely do as I am not a fan of treats but these were to help with their dental care so I let them indulge in one every once in a while. I had never purchased the Dingo brand before so this was my first experience with this particular product. In the past I had bought Greenies, which I had also learned are not any better either and they all cause kidney damage.
Within hours of getting their treats they all started one by one throwing up. At around 9:00pm, Maxie, my smallest one, threw up a clear liquid followed by s gelatin like white substance with spots of green coloring. Everyone else had been throwing up what looked liked a paper-like green material. At first I thought toilette paper but when I saw Maxie throwing up, I realized it was Dingo. Maxie stopped eating on Thursday and threw up again Thursday twice and once Friday. My other dogs were still throwing up as well but at least they were eating and drinking unlike Maxie. By Friday, afternoon he was looking disoriented and a little on the weak side which did not surprise me given he had not been eating for 2 days now. I was at the vet with him first thing Saturday morning and he spent the last 4 days at the vet with IVs in him. The vet did X-rays, daily blood work, urine, and anything else thought of but despite the IVs in him Maxie kept doing worse instead of better. By Wednesday, the vet informed me his kidneys had shut down.
Hard to believe that just 8 days prior I had a healthy, happy 13yo running around the house who would wake me up in the morning because it was time for his meals and here he was fighting for his life. Quickly he became non-responsive and you could see he had turned to skin and bones. We tried Pedialyte, baby food with a dropper but nothing seemed to work. The decision had to be made to not let him suffer any more and Maxie was put to rest and allowed to go to the Rainbow Bridge as his blood and kidney values kept going up regardless of the treatments administered. My other dogs, given that they were bigger and younger seemed to have the strength to fight whatever had poisoned them and recover. Maxie lost his battle although he tried so hard!
I have since contacted Dingo and shared my story in hope to get some answers from them but all I have received is their apologies and an offer to send my vet and product receipts to submit for management approval of a full refund. Their product killed my dog and all they have to offer is an evaluation for refund? My vet's exact words were "there is no doubt in my mind that this death was caused by the treat Maxie ate" was just one little treat and it caused his death!
I am sharing my story so no one else has to go through what I have gone through. My dogs are my children. All rescued, all survivors of neglect in the past and all my babies. Maxie still had a few more years in him. His death was unwarranted. I cannot let his death be in vain and I need to fight this.
If anyone knows of a lawyer that mat be willing or interested in helping me with this case, please contact me at . Apparently, Dingo has had a number of recalls this year alone for salmonella contamination in their products but no one hears about these things are the products are still out in stores. This product, which by the way I later found out is made in Thailand, needs to be off the market!
Needless to say, all other dogs have seen the vet and have had all sorts of tests done and everyone seems to be doing fine and re-re-couperating from seemed to have been treat poisoning.
Maria Curreri-Rothen
SOS 4 Paws Rescue
Save a Life, Adopt a Pet!

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